The perfect man’s sweater

Now that I finished the accursed sweater I want to find the next sweater to make for the Husband. The problem? The Husband is very picky with what he wears, and rightfully so. He cares about what he wears and how he looks, and maybe I’m a wee bit biased, but it pays off because the Husband always looks good. Again, I may be a bit biased on that. Okay, I am very biased on that.

So, I’ve been looking online for patterns this weekend and haven’t found any patterns I like or think he will like. I’m thinking of just starting with what I know about top-down raglans and go from there, but I’d like to work a bit more on sweater construction. So now I’m at a loss. If anyone knows of a really nice men’s sweater pattern, could you send it my way? I’m starting to run out of ideas…


3 thoughts on “The perfect man’s sweater

  1. I haven’t knitted the sweater yet, but I’ve seen several of them done up via blogs I run across. It’s a ‘Seamless Hybrid Sweater’ designed by EZ/Elizabeth Zimmerman from her book “Knitting Without Tears”. Just do a ‘Google’ search of it seamless hybrid sweater and you can check-out web sites with phots of the completed sweater – web sites include “curlypurly” and “splityarn”.

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