My year in knitting

Happy 2007! So what did 2006 bring knitting-wise? It brought some basic projects and some very time-consuming projects. It brought on felting and a rewarding charity project. I did realize this year that while I’m a slow knitter, I don’t think I knit as slow as I think I do.

The Twisted Cowl for a friend


A dice bag for the Husband


A bag for my friend’s daughter’s communion


My first attempt at felting


A machine knit scarf. I need to do more of those.


Attempts at crochet.


Shedir. The hat that started of Made by Hand and a gift to my mother, three years after her death.


A crochet potholder that has too many holes for being really useful, but it was fun and does get some use. I need to work more on crochet.


Chemo cap and the start of making patterns.


Two more chemo caps from another pattern I made.

IMG_2341    IMG_2494

Yet another chemo cap. I found this year that I really like making hats.


The Doctor Who Scarf. Only a few months and a bazillion ends later…


Hey, yet another chemo cap.


And the last one…


Christmas stocking ornaments from my own pattern which I will get out this week.


A scarf for my father-in-law


My first sweater with sleeves and for the Husband. I still need to post about it.  Soon.


I’m not much one for resolutions, but this year I want to buy less yarn and use more in my stash. I also want to focus on only two projects at a time. And I want to be less critical of my knitting. And I want to become a knitting designer, yarn shop owner, and spinner. What? A girl can dream…


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