FO: Scarf #1

IMG_2944Pattern: My own
Yarn: Baby Alpaca Brush by Plymouth
Needle: US 10

I’ve not been talking much about this scarf because it was a gift for my father-in-law and I feared he may read knitting blog and know it was for him. Unlikely, but possible.

He had often mentioned that he wanted a brown scarf, similar to an unbelievabley soft one the Husband and I bought him years ago, but made with basically lace weight yarn. Instead, we (and by we I mean the Husband) picked out Baby Alpaca Brush by Plymouth and off I went to knit. The yarn is a tan sort of color, but all the pictures make it look a bit yellow and I didn’t have time to color correct.

The yarn is buttery goodness. It is so soft to wear and wonderful to work with. I almost did not want to give the scarf up. My good friend B. also didn’t want to give the yarn up. Every time she entered my house she made a beeline for my yarn pile and proceeded to pet the yarn until she left. Needless to say, I now hide all the good yarn. Needless to say, I bought her a few skeins for Christmas.IMG_2946

The pattern I used is a very basic 2×1 ribbed stitch pattern. I didn’t track gauge because, well, because I was lazy and I don’t have the scarf any more.

Baby Alpaca Brush by Plymouth at least 3 Skeins (I used 3 but would have been happier with 4)
1 set US 10 Needles

Gauge: I was too lazy for this this time.


  • Cast on 51 stitches
  • k1 p1 [k2,p1] to last stitch k1
  • p1 k1 [p2,k1] to last stitch p1
  • Continue in this manner until the scarf is to your desired length.
  • Bind off.


Cut yarn leaving a 4-6″ tail. Weave in ends.


2 thoughts on “FO: Scarf #1

  1. That looks great. Is the Baby Alpaca Brush the laceweight, or was the original scarf the laceweight?

    *having trouble grokking warm scarf out of lace weight yarn*

  2. The original scarf my father-in-law wanted was lace weight. This is worsted. There was no way I would be doing a lace weight, basic ribbed scarf and not go insane.

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