2006 Winter Knitty

I have been busy so I haven’t gotten around to reviewing Knitty’s winter issue. Since work is closed until January 2, I now have a few moments.

Center Square
I don’t think I like this one. It’s cute and fun, but I’m not keen on the circles. And while I like how the decrease on top is done (the straight lines) I’m not fond of how square it looks in this hat.

I’ve seen a few of these already and I am intrigued by it but unsure if I like it. I did just get some alpaca as a gift. Could calorimetry be in my future?

I don’t like it, not because of the idea which I think is an interesting one, but because of the shape. It looks like a chef’s hat gone very, very wrong

Oh my god that model has the most unbelievable eyes. Personally, I hate hats like this. I don’t like breathing warm air. But were I a skier or snow boarder, I would make it immediately.


This is different. In a good way.

I love the Fair-isle pattern.
I love the pattern around the wrists. Not so much the rest of it.

Legwarmer socks
I don’t see the point. It’s oddly bulky where the two sections meet. I don’t like it.

Rolling thunder
Not crazy about the top half with all the beading.

I think I’m getting bored of the sock patterns in Knitty. While they are all different so many of them are too similar and I feel like I’ve seen this one before. It’s pretty, but *yawn*

I love this sweater.

I want to be nice, I really do. But I can’t. It’s just horrible. The two different colors look awkward and the sweater makes the model look bulkier than she is. And is that a butt flap? Just say no.

I love a lot of the details of this sweater, but I’m not crazy in love with the whole thing.

Oh hell. I don’t know. It’s cute. Hate the ballet straps, but then again if I had a ballerina friend they would be perfect. So overall a thumbs up.

Spanish dancer
Love, love, love the yarn. Love the stitch, it reminds me of something you would see in a rug.

Good idea, but it looks like an accident waiting to happen.



Brown bag – I really, really like this one. We have lunch bags that we picked up from Target that keep the food cold and while they are nice, something eventually leaks (usually my lunch) and then cleaning it is a pain. This bag? I could just throw in the wash. Absolute genius…

Starsky Jr.
I love the first Starsky (someday will make it) and I like this version for a child. I just don’t see the point of knitting sweaters for kids. The suckers grow fast. By the time they fit into it, there’s a week of wear. Or how about playing in the mud or spiting up or whatever foul and fun deeds a child will do. It’s a waste of time for me, do whatever floats your boat. Oh I know some of you want to argue that it’s an heirloom–a treasure you can pass down from one generation to the next. Blah blah blah. I have a yarn mountain, do you think I have space to save a sweater for my child’s non-existent child? Do you think I have the inclination? If you think I will change my mind, then you’d be wrong. I gave my wedding dress to the Salvation Army because there was no point in keeping it in case I had a daughter who might want to wear it to a wedding she may or may not have. Cranky? Yes. Honest? Very.

Blended Hues
I’m tired from my Starsky Jr. rant. I do like the collar treatment.

I’m in love with this! If I had long hair, I’d make it for me. If I had a child with ponytails, I would totally make this for them.

Awwww….so cute. With the little teeth.

I may just die from the total cuteness of it. His shell is a little sweater for him…I…just…squee!!!!!

The Book of Knitty
I really like the idea of making a learning book for your child.


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