FO: Teeny Christmas Stocking Ornament

IMG_2915Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver & Caron Perfect Match
Needles: US8 DPN

Ages ago I received free Red Heart and Caron Perfect Match yarn. Not usually yarn of my choice, but the bright red, green, and white were perfect for a project I wanted to work on. Mini Christmas stocking ornaments for my godson and his sister.

A few months ago, Firefly wrote about Christmas Elf stockings. A tiny stocking is hung on the tree with a shiny penny and a candy cane inside and, if you are lucky, it will attract a Christmas Elf. I thought my godson would love it. I wasn’t so sure about his sister since she was 8, but to make things even, I had to make two.

IMG_2912I had never made socks in any form before so I had to research the process. I found various stocking patterns, none of which I liked, and I went to knitting help to see how one turns a heel. With all kinds of information at my hands, I decided to make my stocking from scratch. Crazy, but true. I started with one style but it was just too big for an ornament, but it was the perfect size to become a Christmas stocking for one of my Sister’s furry cats.

And then I went down a slippery slope. I was going to make about 14 stockings, two big ones for the Sister’s cats and then the rest for kids I knew using the pattern I created. Little did I know how crazy that idea was at the time.

IMG_2910I couldn’t stand making the stockings. Don’t get me wrong, after a while I liked it, but it took a while and I didn’t want to make something I wasn’t jazzed about. Heh, jazzed. So I cut it down to 7, two big stockings for the sister and 5 little ones for a few coworkers and the godson and his sister. And I’m done. Done, done, done. I may do more next year but for now I’m tuckered out.

At some point in the next week, when I have time, I will post the pattern.

One thought on “FO: Teeny Christmas Stocking Ornament

  1. I love them the look very nice, I cant knit socks, I tried but it was more a knot than the beginning of a sock.
    But your ornaments are very lovely!

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