I shake my head….

I am the lyingest liar in all of liarville. I am the proud owner of 4 skeins of Noro. But let me back up.

As you may recall, the Husband’s sweater needed to be fixed–the collar was too open and the torso’s fit was off enough that it made the Husband uncomfortable. After a week of leaving it in a bag somewhere in the bowels of my home, or maybe it was sitting out on a chair in the living room where I could look at it and resent it and threaten it with scissors and felting, I decided to rip out the bind off and add a few more rows to the cursed sweater collar. An hour of knitting hundreds of little stitches and I cast off.

The Husband tried the sweater on again with the new collar. Now that we weren’t running out of the house, I had a chance to really look at the torso as did the Husband. It fit fine, better than we thought, and with the collar fixed he was happy. Then, with a hesitation born from being married to a deranged lunatic for 8 years, he mentioned the sleeves. In all honesty it look liked he feared for his life. That I, his sweet little wife, would pierce him through the eyeball with a size 4 needle. Apparently he knows me very well. The sleeves woldn’t work. They were too wide at the end creating a more feminine appearance with which I completely agree. As I knit the sleeves, I measured them against his arms and they were looking too narrow. So I stopped decreasing. Unfortunately, that was a mistake.

My only idea on how to fix it would be to rip out the long seam of the sleeve and then rip back and reknit while the sleeves were still attached to the sweater.

Figured out how I got the Noro yet? Just wait, it’s coming.

I didn’t want to do all that work if there was a way to re-seam the sleeves and then cut off the excess. I thought there had to be a way (I mean, I can do it with regular fabric!!!) so I took the cursed sweater down to one of the local yarn stores for help. And that’s why I have 4 skeins of Noro.

When I go to a yarn store, especially one I don’t frequent often (yet), ask for assistance, and have a wonderful, helpful, and friendly staff member take out time to help even though that is why they are there, I want to repay the kind person for their time. Kind of like tipping a waitress and supporting a local business.  So after I was helped, I looked around the store. I wanted to buy a variegated yarn for my second (unstarted) scarf this season.  (Mind you, I already had Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for this scarf–bought on sale!–but I wasn’t feeling it any more.)  The Husband helped me look and called me over. “Didn’t you want to try Noro. Why don’t you buy that?” And I did! The mountain grows. Soon I will build a nice summer home on that mountain…


2 thoughts on “I shake my head….

  1. Those ARE very nice colors. How can you be expected to resist when The Husband encourages you? No one blames you. If anything, we are jealous of the mountain. Wait, no – I’m not jealous. The mountain would cause me great anxiety. Maybe I will just come visit and admire your mountain…

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