Dec 2006 Magknits

December 2006 Magknits

Honestly? I really like everything so it’s just a group thumbs up this time. Although, a lot of the patterns seem familiar. Like I’ve seen them before. Much like the knit pieces I saw for sale at a store recently. Let me back up. This weekend, the Husband and I went to a local winter festival. The stores have music and cookies and sales, people walk around in costumes, and Santa goes around town. It’s very nice and we enjoy going if nothing else but to look in antique stores for Holiday gifts.

The town has produced a couple local artist/craft shops. Many with very nice knit pieces. One shop had some knit pieces that I know I’ve seen in Magknits or Knitty or somewhere. A book maybe? Patterns like this hat from this month’s Magknits (although I know I’ve seen it somewhere else and even reviewed it) or those fruit baby hats.

I don’t think it’s right to sell an item against copyright. That is, if the pattern does not say that you can sell the finished piece without the express permission of the designer, then you don’t do it. It’s illegal. Do I agree with the copyright? Yes and no. I think the designer’s product and creative thought should be protected and they should have all control over the item, but I’m not sure if their intellectual property should extend to my labor. If I buy the pattern and put time and yarn into making it, why can’t I sell it? Even though I question the policy (different days I feel different things), it is the law and unless the pattern explicitly says I can sell the finished piece I made I would never, ever do it.

Of course, whether that person did or not, I coudn’t tell you. For all I know they have permission or they are the designer. Or just as possible, they came up with the idea themselves. How does one know?


One thought on “Dec 2006 Magknits

  1. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. At the expense of starting a heated debate here, it is my personal opinion that mass producing something from someone else’s design is entirely different than me making a couple bucks off something. I have had so many people offer to pay me a very small sum of money to knit something for them. I always have to say no, that I am not allowed to do that. Even if, in the end, I make the equivelent of $2 and hour, it is still not okay. I used to paint – decorative paint style. You can buy books with designs. Those books usually say that you can sell what you make “for pin money”. I personally don’t see why we can’t do that with knitting.

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