IMG_2750I traditionally take the day before Thanksgiving off from work in order to finish cleaning and start cooking for my guests. This year I decided to drag my sister to a spinning store so I could learn to use my drop spindle from someone who actually knew how one worked.

You may remember about a month ago I picked up some roving and a drop-spindle at the wool fest in Rhinebeck on a whim. The eight-year-old in the group could do it and roving seemed cheaper than yarn, so why the heck not?

Since Rhinebeck, I spent some time playing, but I really didn’t like what I was producing and had more questions than time to search online. I decided to invite the Sister (who had not purchased a drop spindle) along to this new (to me) store so I wouldn’t have to be all alone with a stranger who could kill me with her drop spindle or strangle me with a length of yarn. Mostly because I’m not a great people person and can’t always handle the pressure of talking to others.

So off we went searching for the place which was located in the home of a spinner/weaver/dyer/artist. Her yarn is amazing, by the way. The colors are unbelievably vibrant and absolutely beatiful. If I had more cash on me I would have added more yarn to the mountain. Fortunately for the space in my home, I’m not one to wander around with cash or checkbook.

I expected to spend about 30 minutes at the store. I assumed I would be shown what I was doing wrong. Instead we were there for 1 1/2 hours. The woman made sure we both knew how to spin on a drop-spindle. Then took us through her house trying spinning wheels. And let me just say, “*Drool*” I love me a spinning wheel. Lots. Both the Sister and I tried two different kinds and they were all so nice. I haven’t been able to stop talking about them to the Husband (who has been forced to keep every pamphlet I received in case he wants to buy me one).

I learned that I don’t like my drop-spindle. It doesn’t seem heavy enough and I need to try a few things to weigh it down. We’ll see if that works. I tried the one the Sister left with and it is really nice. When it’s spun, the fibers just fwoosh togther like on the wheel. My spindle? Not so much. Unfortunately, I don’t know what brand she has so I can’t recommend it. I do remember it came in 2 pieces and I think the circular part was at the bottom.

Now I just need to take some time and really focus on doing it. Maybe now that the holiday gifts are almost all purchased….


2 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Oh! Lucky you. I have literally only tried the spindle three times. I just don’t have the time right now. Think you will be going back? If not, I think I will head over myself sometime in Jan/Feb.

  2. Sounds like so much fun with the sister. The woman at the shop sounds so kind as well as professional.

    Have fun with your new toy … and whatever generations of follow-on toys in the same department comes your way!


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