Kind of nice, kind of scary

Utah Jail Inmates Knit for the Needy


One thought on “Kind of nice, kind of scary

  1. Is hers possibly an Ashford? Mine was in two pieces when I bought it which is what makes me think that. Ad it’s a bottom whorl too. I’ve only used it once (well, twice because the first time I spun way, way too much and it was a horrid mess that I then unspun – egad is that not fun – and respun it looser). I really should use it more. I have the fiber, but I’m kinda waiting until the Handspun Secret Pal Swap partners are sent out… thankfully, that’s only about a week away at this point.
    Holy crap I am wordy tonight. Maybe it’s because I am stalling going to bed even though I am exhausted.

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