Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving celebrations were very nice. We spent a lot of time with family and later with friends. We steamed a turkey, mashed some potatoes, and ate until just before we would burst. Then we watched movies. How did your Thanksgiving Weekend go?

I almost finished seaming the Husband’s sweater. The only reason I didn’t was because I had him try it on before I finished the sleeves and discovered I need to make a few changes to the sweater to make him more comfortable wearing it. One of the changes is that damnable collar. It needs to be a little larger–the neck is sitting too open on him. Of course, this is the easy fix. Once I fix that I’ll have him try it again when we are not running out of the house to run errands. In the meantime, I set it aside for fear of taking a pair of scissors to it in frustration. See? I’ve learned to let things go until later. Who says one can’t grow as a person?

The rest of the weekend I worked on  (and ripped out) some christmas stocking ornaments for gifts. I haven’t quite found a pattern I like so I’m adapting others and that requries some adjustments as I go. I was really looking forward to making a whole bunch of these suckers. Now, I’m not feeling it so much. If that doesn’t change, this may end up being an abandoned project. I hate when that happens. On the flip side, it’s my first sock and I don’t have to make pairs. Always look on the bright side, right?


One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. I am knitting a husband sweater myself and oh my word, my hands hurt. Those things take FOREVER. AHHHH! Damn blasted large men. (He isn’t happy with his collar either. Oh well – for now. I’m keeping the scissors away).

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