Where oh where has my little dog gone?

Where have I been? I honestly don’t know. I feel like I’ve been unbelievably busy this week, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I did. I read. I knit. I wanted to clean…

I guess I haven’t really been productive this week. Just lazy. But it was good nonetheless.

Over the weekend, while the Husband took a nap, I decided to reorganize my yarn stash so I have easy access to yarn I’ll be using in the next couple projects. And so it would stop overflowing the pretty wood basket in the living room.First I pulled all the yarn out of the bin and out of the display box and made a pile. I give you yarn p0rn…

Looking at this pile fills me with horror. How could anyone own so much yarn?!? Some skeins are designated for specific projects (often bought on sale) and some were gifts, but still. I have a problem. No more yarn until I finish a few projects. This time I mean it. I really, really do. Although I do still have a gift certificate to a yarn store and the Husband could use another sweater or I could use a cotton cardigan….

So I took the yarn mountain and split it into two piles–the yarn I don’t need right now and the yarn that is pretty to look at and that I need soon.

The yarn I don’t need any time soon went into the plastic storage bin on the left. I had some problems closing the top of the bin from all the yarn, but it fits. Mostly. The pretty yarn and the upcoming project yarn were placed in the wood basket (at the top of the page). It’s a beautiful basket and looks even better when the yarn isn’t overflowing or falling out if you look at it funny.

Just looking at the sheer volume of yarn I have makes me overwhelmed. Not by all the projects that I need to do to finish up the pile, although that is part of it, but by how easy it was to acquire that much yarn. Every time I tell myself that I’m not buying yarn for a while, I somehow end up with a bag. One day a smell will emanate from my home and when people come to investigate they will find the Husband and I crushed by skeins of yarn. Although, that would be kind of funny.

Right now I’m going to let the pile keep. I hope to use some for the next Made by Hand project or two. If not I can donate it to a senior home or something. For now, I’m going to pretend it really isn’t that big.


3 thoughts on “Where oh where has my little dog gone?

  1. *envy*

    Despite my buddy Mojo’s comments to the contrary, the whole of my stash fits neatly and with room to spare in my market basket. I would love to have an abundance of yarn that allowed me to “shop” at home when I wanted to start a new project.

    I do have some birthday yarn coming from Knitpicks soon though! Silvanus (from AntiCraft) will be on the needles as soon as it arrives.

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