Turning 30 All Over Again

I have a best friend named Yarnsticks. Okay, that’s not her real name, but work with me.

On Monday I received a package from Yarnsticks filled with a promised birthday present which I will get to shortly.

When I graduated from Uber-Geek College (UGC), I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up so I took a job there as a secretary–one of three women who supported the professors. Some may say that was a waste of a very expensive education, but it gave me free classes at the school and experience in a real-world job. Plus it gave me a nice salary of $19,500 and as the sole breadwinner of my little newlywed home, that salary would keeps us in caviar and champagne.

About six months after working there, a friend of the boss’s daughter was hired as my coworker. This was Yarnsticks. I honestly wasn’t keen on her working there as she was “friends” with the boss but she was very friendly and we got along quite nicely.

I’d say we were work friends. We hung out during work and had so much to talk about, but we didn’t do anything outside of work. Then her husband got the job of his dreams in another state and she left. Only after she left, did we really truly become friends and for that I am ever grateful.

Yarnsticks and I became shopping partners in crime. Every month or so she’d usually drive down here and we’d go shopping, get our hair cut, have lunch, and vent about our lives. We’d email each other, confide in each other, and help out whenever possible. When my mom died, I saw Yarnsticks the next day for a haircut. I had it scheduled and needed something normal and a break and she came and did exactly that for which I am ever grateful.

We went to Rhinebeck together with some of my knitting group and Yarnsticks was adopted by the Sister so now she is an honorary sibling and she should really come to Thanksgiving this year!

I often think that Yarnsticks is the better friend of the two of us. She gives so much and I never feel like I give as much. For example, when she turned 30, I forgot. Didn’t even send her birthday wishes. When I turned 30, she decided to make socks for me! That’s right, socks. This was, of course, during the time I vowed to never make socks. Yarnsticks wanted me to know how wonderful wearing a pair of knitted socks felt and so she had me pick out a pattern and color and she did the rest. And that is what was in the package on Monday.

She had me pick out a pattern (Hedera) and the color (red) and I now have these. They are unbelievably nice and beautifully made. Yarnsticks is an amazing knitter and much better than myself, much to my little competitive heart’s chagrin. I wore them all around the house on Monday night. I was terrified the entire time wearing them that I would damage them. The Husband commented that I had better not walk outside in those without shoes on first to which I agreed whole-heartedly. And yes, I do often walk outside barefoot or just in socks. But only in socks because there are no shoes in sight and I need to throw something out. And then I’m just walking through the garage to the garbage can right outside. Not that I’m defensive or anything.

I love lace socks. They remind me of being a kid and wearing wool tights. And these socks are so warm, which with my often touch of death cold feet, is a very good thing. I think the only problem with lace socks is the breeze you feel when walking. Little holes let in a little wind. And while it’s a bit odd to feel the little breeze, it’s also kind of refreshing.

I have the bestest friend in the world.

One thought on “Turning 30 All Over Again

  1. Awww! Now you’re going to make ME cry! It’s funny that I remember so many times that you have “been there” for me, but I couldn’t remember a single time that I had for you. I have always considered YOU to be the better friend! And I don’t think there is any proof that I am the better knitter. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s not a contest… um…right?

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