Magknits Nov 2006

New Magknits is up! After doing a few months of reviews I’m starting to feel like a b!tch. I like many of the pieces but still have to point out the flaws. Or I just hate it altogether. I also feel like I say the same three words over and over and over…Then again, it’s an entry and I do receive some dialog from commenters that make it interesting.

I have no idea what I’m trying to say, so let’s just get to the reviews.


I’m not a huge fan of knit purses. Often they look more homemade than stylish and if I’m going to be a girl and drag around a purse, I generally want stylish not Craft Fair find. I want something like Coco. This bag is stunning. It completely embodies the style of Coco Chanel and old-style glamour without looking like grandma would wear it. Of course she might but she’d be a stylin’ granny. I would imagine any purse-wearing person could wear this without anyone ever guessing that it was homemade. Of course when you do tell them, they will be amazed and in awe of your knitting prowess.

Starlight Evening Gloves

Evening gloves? Interesting. I guess it’s not far-fetched to knit evening gloves. After all, we have patterns for elbow-length gauntlets, gloves, mittens, etc. I think this is a great pattern, but I’m not sure I like the eyelet details. I don’t know about you, but I have hairy arms. While that could be a cry for sisterhood and feminist ideals or a good way to get you, my dear readers, to lose your lunch, I’d be afraid that the eyelets would soon be filled with light blond hair peeking out to play. I guess I could wax…nah. So while I like the idea, I’d be more interested in seeing the pattern with beads or some other adornment than holes.

Dad’s Blueberry Pie

Adorable. However, I would use a browner yarn for the crust. It doesn’t look safe to eat.


I am now a part of the sock cult, although I haven’t actually made a sock yet. These are cute. I think I love the name more. Peeps. Someday I will convince the Husband to let me try peeps jousting (Put two peeps in microwave each with a toothpick sticking out like a sword. Turn them on. As the peeps grow, one will end up pricked by the other’s toothpick and explode. The one that survives wins. For some reason he’s more concerned about the microwave.)

Rossnyev Cardigan

On the surface this is very nice. I am concerned, however, with how wide the neck is. Would it fall off my shoulders?

Fake Isle Hat

Simply lovely.


This is very pretty, but the bust area looks odd. The way it comes together is fine, flattering even, but the dark purple and shaping implies visually that the breasts go there. It creates a sort of empire waste with the lighter purple indicative of the bodice. But it doesn’t work like that because the almost bikini-style top is small and isn’t designed for that purpose. Unfortunately it makes the top look like it’s not fitting right. I’m not sure if that makes sense…


Very nice. I’d be interested to see a different border.


One thought on “Magknits Nov 2006

  1. Yes, it does look like her boobs are droopy, which is unfortunate. I think, if you did have a more unperky bosom, it would be a disaster.

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