Rhinebeck Trip (and yarngasms!)

I’ve set up a photoset of the Rhinebeck trip at Flickr with comments under the pictures and everything. So click to view it, but I also have photos below of everything I bought, so make sure you come back, mmkay?

And now yarn porn behind the cut to save your friend’s list band width!

I promised the Sister that when she becomes engaged, I will knit her a pretty shawl for her wedding. Well, she’s not engaged yet, but I had her with me and we were surrounded by yarn so now was a very good time to look. She already has a wedding dress (long story and it’s her story not mine.) so she knew what colors would go well. Now I just need to find a pattern that will work for 2400 yards of lace-weight wool yarn. Hmm….

I swore I would never do socks. Didn’t y’all hear me say this in the past? Every time I reviewed socks I would say I’m not making socks. I told people that I would rather just buy them. I bought sock yarn. I want to make socks. I’m a hypocrite.

(The yarn on the left is for socks for the Husband. He wanted socks. So really, my joining this cult is totally his fault!)

Finally, I joined the spinning cult as well. It’s the 8-year-old’s fault she got us all into it (except the sister who didn’t buy anything for herself). I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. At some point.


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