FO: Last of the chemo caps

Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Lion’s Brand Microspun
Needles: US8

I’m brain dead right now preparing too many photos for Made By Hand. I still have dozens more to go. Before I end for the night, I thought I would post the last hat I did for the cause. Hat number…er…7. Wow. I’d say I’m done with hats for awhile, but I still need to replace my winter hat and make a thank you hat and create a new pattern for a hat that is stuck in my brain.


I need a nap.

Anyway, this is a basic knit completely up hat done with the last dregs of Microspun I had from the kitty days. (For example,

I started the hat on the trip down to Rhinebeck (I still owe photos) because I wanted a project that if I lost it or it was ruined, I wouldn’t die from trama and utter depression. Fortunately for Made by Hand, I didn’t lose it!


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