Happy Halloween!!!!!

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, what else does one need? When I was young, my Dad would take the Sister and I on a multi-mile trek of homes while our Mom stayed home to dish out candy. I’m not trying to expand the distance for dramatic effect. It was at least two miles every year.

We were out for hours, going blocks and blocks and blocks. By the end of the night, our bags would weigh more than us and our little feet were ready to fall off. But it was the best trek every year. I know my dad enjoyed it as much as we did.


I know I promised I would be back on Sunday and I lied! Liar liar pants on fire! We had people over for breakfast on Sunday and then ended up hanging out and playing Munchkin (Eeeevil) until 2:00. By that point I was unbelievable tired and the only thing I had energy to do was knit and watch movies with the Husband. Not terribly productive, but that is okay.

Every year for this party I’m behind and Saturday is a whirlwind of cleaning, cooking, and sewing. I swear, the 2007 party will be different! This year I was far, far behind. Fortunately, I have wonderful friends who come over during the day and help. Mostly, they decorate….

(or we just haven’t cleaned recently)

(paratrooper skeletons)

And some help with the food….

(Witches’ Fingers)

(My very favorite item this year, Pumpkin Spice cake.  I made the cake and had friends help with the marzipan decorations.)

After all the frenzied preparations, it’s time to get dressed. This year, the Husband and I were King Arthur and Patsy from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail…

I sewed everything and the Husband drew my emblem and glued his crown together.

When I get all the photos set up, I’ll post the link…

Happy Halloween!


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