Halloweens Past

Crankygrrrrl wants me to sneak in some photos.  I have a few moments in my frenzied Halloween prep and was only too happy to make her happy. Although, probably not with photos she had planned. I thought I would give you an idea of the costumes we do here at Casa de Kis*Knit. (Really I just got back from boxing and can’t move. Sitting is good). The last 2 years of costumes below the cut. Enjoy! (or not)

This is the 2004 party, our first. I had some sewing experience prior (like 6th grade Home Ec) but not a whole lot so I was making a lot up as I went. The Husband is a samurai with kimono and hakama (the big wide pants that look like a big skirt). I am Kasumi from the Dead or Alive video game (here’s a figurine of the original). I bled a lot on both these costumes. I think this was the year that I stepped on a pin barefoot. Yeah. Don’t do that.

This is 2005. If anyone saw the short-lived TV show, Firefly, or the movie, Serenity, you will recognize our costumes. The coat was a pain, but it looked so good. Oddly enough three other people decided to go as characters from the show (I’ve Laughing-manned them out since I don’t have permission to add them here). Only the two with the blue hands coordinated with each other, the rest of us didn’t tell a soul.

Bled on this one a bit as well. So did the Husband. But this costume made him the master of button sewing!


Okay. Back to work!!!


One thought on “Halloweens Past

  1. good show!! good show!! i’d have to say that i’m impressed with your sewing. but the bleeding? do i sense a trend here? please don’t injure yourself with your current wip! can’t wait to see your costume!

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