Quick Update

I’m in my last week of Halloween party setup which is crazy time. I have two costumes to finish, food to make, and a house to clean and then decorate. I probably won’t have time to update until Sunday. If I can get something in sooner I will, but don’t hold your breath.

I love this Halloween party that we throw and someday I will not be running around like a mad woman the week before. Someday I will have costumes done by now and can get the rest done at a nice clip during the last week. Maybe next year. I already have ideas for our costumes next year…

The Wool and Sheep Festival in Rinebeck, NY was fabulous and I ended up buying items to join the sock-knitting and yarn-spinning cults. And I swore I never would. *sigh* I’m a hypocrite. I highly recommend all of you go someday. I will include a full post after Halloween (with pictures!).


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