The AntiCraft Samhain 2006 issue

The AntiCraft posted the Samhain 2006 issue a little early. Three knit pieces this time around and some really great crafts overall.

Hat of Horns
Do I want a hat with phallic things sticking out? Um…no. I do like the basic concept just not for a hat.

Ghost Leaves
When I first looked at this design I thought that it was lame. I mean, it’s just leaf “beads” attached to a chain with a absurdly large clasp. Why would you need directions on how to do that? Then I looked through the steps and realized that there was a lot more going on. Do I like this one? Yes, except for that ridiculously huge clasp. Would I make it? No. But I can use the directions for attaching wire should I ever really get into making jewelry.

Miss Monster’s Favors
What a great idea! Not just for Halloween but for any time. You could make your own Holiday glasses. Or just add a design to daily glasses for fun!

Holy F|_|ck, Raellyn, What Did You Get Me Into?
I luurrve Halloween. I look forward to it every year. We have a big ol’ party and get dressed up. I make witches finger cookies and buck eyeballs and coffin cakes. The house gets decorated inside and out. But we never have time to do a pumpkin. Even if we did have time to do a pumpkin, I would only think to do a very traditional basic pumpkin. Now, with these patterns I don’t have to. Not only are the patterns amazing but each are not fully reliant on cutting the pumpkin but scraping and peeling the skin instead (Pumpkin skin, not your skin. That would hurt.). If I have time this year, I will include either the patterns or the concepts. It’s brilliant.

Baby’s First Teratoma
I looked up teratoma and it’s a big, nasty, giant tumor and the pictures are fugly. I’m not sure why you would want a tumor, and a knit one at that, but it’s really cute. It’s squee-ably cute. I almost want to knit one and call it George. George and I will go everywhere together–the mall, vacation, the dentist. We’d sing songs and tell jokes. Watch movies together…we will be very very happy.

I guess it would also make a good baby toy as well.

Beaded Pendant of Blindness and Insanity
I don’t know. It’s really not my taste and I just can’t get excited about it. It’s definitely interesting and I bet you could defend yourself in a dark alley with it.

Tetsujin no Purasutekku
KAWAII!!!!!! (translation: cute) I love this. Who wouldn’t want a robot holding tampons in their bathroom. Okay, I don’t necessarily want that, but the robot is absolutely adorable. I want one!!! Maybe for my desk at work…

I [Heart] Zombies
I don’t really like the heart. It looks more like a jalapeno, which I guess could work. “I season zombies!”

I really like the cabling on the hat but not like the tie around the bottom. It’s too much. Is it me or does it look too long on the model’s head? If I made this, I’d cut out the tie and one round of the cable. Then it would be perfect.


6 thoughts on “The AntiCraft Samhain 2006 issue

  1. That horned hat is bad. I can understand the desire to get something going with horns at this time of year – but really. They’re not even pronged.

    I love the pumpkins! And the teratoma is darling.

  2. Almost the exact thoughts I had on everything. Though I do like the I *heart* zombies, even with the jalapeƱo heart. And I liked the teratoma until I googled it. *shudder*

  3. Just to let you know the early publication of the Anticraft was a surprise to me, I was in the middle of designing something to go up at halloween but at last it is up. Tak a look, it is called Silvanus and it is a felted bag.

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