FO: Dr. Who Scarf!!!!!!

Pattern: Dr. Who Scarf
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun
Needles: US6

First the dance of happiness! Now the song of good cheer! And now the sadness of the end.

I wonder how many of you watched the old Dr. Who. Not the really good episodes on Sci Fi/BBC with the really, really cute doctor number 9 and doctor number 10, but any of the ones from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Specifically doctor #4—played by Mr. Tom Baker. If you never saw it, the fourth Doctor had a really long scarf that every Dr. Who fan wants, has, or has had in his or her lifetime. I had two. Sad but true.

Anyway, my friend’s husband needed a replacement and they asked me to make the season 12 scarf. 6 months and 738,235,656,876,120 ends later it’s done. I was very worried about the length. The man is 6′ 9″ or something like that and the scarf was measuring 9 1/2 feet. So when I blocked it, I blocked it hard—not as hard as it could go but close. Now it’s just above 15 feet. I was devastated. It just wasn’t long enough. It didn’t drag in the photos of the Husband modelling it. It’s not good enough.

As a side note, I’m a perfectionist to a point then I get fed up and don’t care anymore. But since this was a project for someone else, I was devastated. I was beginning to contemplate ripping out and starting over. I used the yarn recommended but I could go up a needle size. I even offered to refund my friend’s yarn money for the project. I was so upset.

When clearer heads prevailed I did some research. According to this site Tom Baker’s season 12 scarf never cleared 13 1/2 feet. This would do. The birds began singing and sun poured in. Dear even came up to nibble at the sandwich in my hands, being at lunch time I was none too pleased about that. So in the end it worked out.

I went with the recommended yarn at—Brown Sheep Nature Spun—and never once regretted that choice. It’s not the softest wool in the world but it’s not terribly scratchy (how’s that for a description). So far it seems to hold up well, although I can’t comment yet on pilling since the scarf has remained folded in a corner of the room. I ordered it from Lorien online (you can see my store review here).


5 thoughts on “FO: Dr. Who Scarf!!!!!!

  1. Wow, it looks great! My husband wants me to make one for him, but he’s allergic to wool. I told him he has to help me find the yarn for it. I could knit 11′ of some acrylics, but others would just rub my fingers raw! He also doesn’t pay attention to things like weight, fiber content…a couple of months ago we were shopping at Meijer and he held up one skein of Red Heart worsted and one skein of Bernat Baby Coordinates (just barely DK weight, with a strand of nylon twisted throughout). He just looked at the contents and didn’t see “wool”, so he thought it was alright.

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