Random thoughts and drifting brain

I had four hours of sleep last night. After going to bed at my normal time, I just lay there not sleeping. Okay, so I tossed and turned there annoying the Husband (probably). During the two hours of rampant awakeness, I worked (slowly) on the scarf. I had ripped out the 1×1 ribbing earlier in the week because I was not loving it. A few gauge swatches later, I’m about four inches into a 2×1 ribbed scarf going and it is perfect. Not the stitches but the style. This will be my don’t need to pay attention project. I don’t have pictures yet, but plan to get some this weekend.

And because I’m not focused right now, how about a get to know me sort of meme behind the cut. It’s a bit dull, but whatever.

10 things all about me…

  1. I love to read, mostly fantasy with some sci fi and knitting with some history books peppered in. I honestly do prefer fluffy reading because I have to think in real life, give me magic warrior chicks or urban fantasy. I have so many favorite books and authors that I can’t list them all–‘Doomsday Book’ by Connie Willis, ‘Tigana’ by Guy Gavriel Kay, The Nightside series by Simon R. Green, ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchet, Patricia Wrede, Charles DeLint, Patricia Briggs…I can keep going. Of course, most of the books I’ve listed are less fluffy and more recommended to me by the Husband. That’s a man who can recommend a book.
  2. I was married 1 month before I turned 22 and have been married to the Husband for 8 wonderful years.
  3. I’m a Web Programmer.
  4. I tore my ACL (it’s a ligament in the knee) during a soccer game in High School. Over 13 years later and I still don’t have full bend in that knee after surgery.
  5. I abhor coffee. Can’t stand the taste or the smell. If the Husband has had coffee I won’t let him near me for all the, er, tea in China.
  6. I often come across as violent in my writing, but I’m really not. I cry over stupid things and always try not to kill bugs. Of course I usually make the Husband kill things. And I do kill mice in my home…okay, maybe I am violent.
  7. I have an older sister who is probably the best sister anyone could have, even if I complain about her on occasion. Never here. That would not be fair to her.
  8. My parents are both deceased. My father died 6 years ago from a heart attack and my mom passed 3 years ago from cancer. They were very good parents and have colored my opinions of how kids should be raised.
  9. I’m really quite tired right now.
  10. I’m a TV addict! Currently I’m watching Lost, Heros, Veronica Mars, Boston Legal, Bones, Ugly Betty, Dr. Who, Battlestar Gallactica, Eureka, My Name is Earl, South Park and a whole lot more that I can’t remember at the moment. I do shamefully admit to watching all of the Real World Road Rules challenges on MTV.

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