Slightly dull, but I start to see the light of day…

I’m feeling better. The dizziness is mostly gone, although when I do too much it wants to come back and I become very wobbly, needing to lean on the Husband’s arm for support. Oh, the hardship I suffer. Having to snuggle up to the Husband. It’s been 8 years for crying out loud. I shouldn’t be required to touch him anymore! On the plus side, laying around, knitting, and trying to relax has been fun. So let all the dizziness return!


Really. Kidding. I never ever ever want to feel that way again in my life. I don’t even wish it on my enemies. Or people who talk in movie theaters.

But always look on the bright side of life. (And for those Monty Python fans, insert whistling, here)

I have been able to accomplish some knitting tasks. I finished knitting another chemo cap and just need to weave in the ends. It’s a simple, black 1×1 rib hat and I will get pictures up soon. Although I am terribly behind in pictures. I have three finished objects that I need to post and let’s not talk about the Made by Hand hats that are waiting to see the light of day.

The first of two scarves is on the needles and is in the photo somewhere to the right. I’m doing a simple 1×1 rib, because I think simplicity will work better with the lucious alpaca. So. Darn. Soft. And I’m hoping the 1×1 rib will be more masculine. I have no idea where the yarn label is right now and I’m too tired to go running off to find it, so for now no brand for you. Pretend you’ve been bad and that’s your punishment. Unless you like that then, keep that part to yourself. Mmmkay? The yarn is knitting up nicely and I can’t wait to get it off the needles so I can wear it.

I was going to seam the Husband’s sweater last night. I laid it out the pieces, took a picture, realized I still needed to block, swore, and then put it in the que to block. There may have been some stomping around in frustration at some point.

It’s item three on the to block list which tells me I need to get my butt in gear and start blocking. I think when I’m less tired that will be much more appealing.

And last but not least, I completed a gauge swatch (at the top) for the Irish Diamond Shawl from Folk Knits. My first shawl and my biggest lace project. I’m using Knit Picks Gloss and it is unbelievable soft knit up. I just want to roll around (nekkid) in it all day which has to be too much information for most of you!

3 thoughts on “Slightly dull, but I start to see the light of day…

  1. That’s a pretty colour on the swatch. I’m looking forward to reading about the shawl as it progresses — I’ve got shawl in the planning stages, and am interested in seeing how the Knit Picks yarn works out.

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