Stars and Garters

Yesterday I was on a boat in a big storm. Today, my boat is just going down stream.

Now I know you’re asking yourself, when did this girl (who, you of course knew, does not like boats) go on a boat? Well I didn’t actually really. I’m “sick.” Mostly I’m dizzy. Really dizzy. I was standing and fell over because the earth lurched most cruelly. According to my snazzy Physician’s Assistant, it’s an inner ear thing caused by a virus or some such. But right now I’m home.

This seriously puts a crimp in my sewing, but not my knitting! I can knit laying on the couch.

Which brings me to the joy in the illness. The collar of the Husband’s sweater. The one that I’ve ripped out about 17,032,235, 853, 234 times, is done. He’s happy with it. I’m happy with it. Now I have to seam. I’m not sure if I can do that right now because the bending over? Not so good. In fact I think it’s time to go back to bed. The monitor is shifting back and forth…back and forth…ugh.

Artistic shot:


2 thoughts on “Stars and Garters

  1. Poor thing. My sister suffers from vertigo from time to time, the first time it struck she was driving on an LA freeway … yikes! I’ve had a tiny version of it a couple of times; plenty enough to know a) I don’t like it, and b) I wish you didn’t have it (or anything similar to it.) Hope you feel better soon.


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