Review: Magknits October ’06

Edited to add: Forgot the link to the issue! Magknits October ’06

I am not one to make pumpkins and hang garlands of leaves or other Martha Stewart-like decorating (unless it’s for Halloween). So I will never make 12:01. That’s not to say I don’t like it. I do. It’s an amazing pattern, beautiful even. I’m amazed that the designer even included the indents found on pumpkins. 12:01 is just not for me.

Mitred Square Skirt
I know this is for a kid, but I think this skirt is just off. The squares look odd and are unflattering. Maybe if it was just one row of squares to make a little mini skirt. With white tights, that might look cute.

Is it just me or did anyone else think of Elizabethan period fashions? With the men and women in those big, fluffy, lace collars? And the men in the puffy diaper-like bottoms and stockings? Perhaps I am reminded of a fashion statement that should have remained historical frivolity because the photo on the baby is a green shirt with white collar. Maybe I would like this shirt in a monochromatic palette. Right now, I am so not digging it.

Squiggle Shawl
It’s nice. Nothing special but nice.

Minimalist Funnel Neck
Very nice. I think I will omit the yo in the shoulder area so I won’t feel self-conscience with a bra strap showing. I also would probably omit the ribbing as it sometimes looks um…odd…with larger breasts. *blush*

Whitewater Wristwarmers

Susy Tunic
It’s nice but too long. I see where she’s going with it in the 80s style so I get the length. It’s just awkward. It too formfitting for jeans and I don’t do leggings (Actually I don’t do 80’s). It’s too long for a shirt too short for a skirt. I think what’s really bothering me if it’s worn over jeans, it’s so formfitting that you see every bump from your pants coming through and I hate that. Plus I think the cabling around the hips is just a bad neon sign saying, “CHECK OUT MY HIPS! AREN’T THEY SO PRETTY!!!” My hips aren’t pretty. It’s a nice design, but one I don’t find functional at all.


3 thoughts on “Review: Magknits October ’06

  1. Your reviews are always appreciated.

    Of all of their items, I like the wristwarmers okay and the squiggle shawl is pretty – although I would do it in a different colorway if I were to knit it.

    This issue did not excite me, I am sorry to say.


  2. Sadly, I think the 80’s look is coming back. Have you noticed the pants/jeans with narrow/tapered ankles and the sweaters that go down over the bottom in such an unsightly, clingy way? If that is the trade-off for getting jeans that cover all of my rear, thanks, but no thanks.

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