Quick Update

With knitting group on Saturday, I was able to get a few things done–two hats at group and then the Dr. Who scarf today. Wait a second while I do the dance of joy *dance dance dance* BUT, I need to re-block the Dr. Who scarf. It’s not as long as it should be so I want to see if I can eek out another foot or so. Wait while I do the dance of sadness *pout dance pout dance*

So I just need to get entries up for the finished pieces which I will do this week. I have to go through the pictures which will take a bit of time (I take A LOT of pictures. Thank the stars for digital cameras). If I can, I’ll get something up later tonight. Otherwise, I’ll have the first item tomorrow. I promise.

I know I mentioned a few entries back that I had to begin sewing for Halloween costumes so my knitting will decrease. I’ve been a naughty, naughty girl and not sewing. This stopped today and I bled all over the first part of the costume. Hopefully I can get the sewing done without going crazy AND without ignoring my knitting and the little knitting blog that could.


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