To Dream the Impossible Dream

I believe I mentioned how I would love to own a yarn store. It’s been a dream of mine for the past six months or so. If not own a yarn store then just work in one. (And not a JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, A.C. Moore, or other chain. Although A.C. Moore does have nice yarn.) I want to own or work in a little local yarn shop. Sometimes it’s all I can think about.

There is this little historical home for rent. It would be perfect for a yarn shop. Every time the Husband and I drive by I look at it and think about what I would do. One day the Husband commented, “You know, you are right. That would make the perfect yarn shop. You can put in a parking lot there.”

It’s fun to dream about a yarn shop, although it may be a bit cliche. Haven’t all of you thought about owning/working in a yarn shop?

The thing is, I’m not a risk taker. I have a good job with good pay and excellent benefits that I like. I would be giving up a lot if I went for the yarn dream, but still the dream persists. Retail is a lot of work for little pay and a lot of aggravation. Do I give up security and stability for a dream that could fail or a job in a shop at minimum wage (if there were any positions open)? Or do I just keep dreaming?

I think I’ll keep dreaming for now. What would you do?


8 thoughts on “To Dream the Impossible Dream

  1. I’ve dreamed about doing a lunch shop. But again, security. And Kev still thinks if I want so bloody much to bake cookies for a living I should just do it already.

    Note that I’m not strong enough to have punted the job and done it tho. *wry smile*

  2. yes! i totally dream that dream every day and night. i have the location picked out and knitting friends to help with yarn selection and staffing. i bought a lotto ticket tonight. (it would be the only way i would have the security to do such a thing) i’ll buy you a plane ticket to the grand opening. ;) hey, a dollar is cheap for a dream!

  3. kisknit, I have the same dream! :) I really wish you luck. You should be very thankful that your husband acknowledges your dream with a nice comment. When I mention it to mine, he is silent which is his way of saying “never mention this again.” He’s not a risk-taker and cringes at the thought of me not working full-time or more (did I mention that I have 3 kiddies too?). Anyway, we can’t give up our dreams. Must keep on keepin’ on! :)

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