Photographs and Memories

Okay, so I’m not sure on the title, it’s just an old song bouncing around in my head. I’ve made some small changes around here in Kis*Knit land. If you notice on the right side of my page down a bit, keep going…under the categories…yup, there, I have added the various projects I’m working on or am planning on working on. And by planning on working on, I mean I have the yarn or I’m making it in the next couple months. This isn’t my wish list of things to come because I don’t think there is enough space on the Internet for what I eventually want to make. It’s sad really.

If you look closely, you’ll see that I have a Dr. Who scarf in post-production and it only has 48 ends to weave in. Considering I’ve barely looked at the poor guy, that’s not that bad. I just need to make a concerted effort to get it done and out the door before winter. The problem is I don’t wanna! *pout* Okay, I’m over that. I’m going to set a goal that that scarf needs to be blocking by the end of September. Maybe October. But October by the latest.

I’ve been getting a little bit done here and there. Sometimes a bit less here and there. I’ve been doing a lot of computer-based work (since I’m a programmer and all) so my wrists have been feeling very tired. Especially the dreaded right wrist. And boxing starts in 2 weeks so the wrist will be very temperamental for a while which means smaller doses of knitting. I think if the doctor said I had to give something up to save my wrist, it would definitely be work.

For those who didn’t know me last year I hurt my wrist in a boxing class (it’s an aerobics class but we actually pair off and hit pads while wearing gloves). I was in a brace for 8 weeks and I think I only was able to stop wearing the brace because I stopped knitting for the last 2 weeks (okay, probably more like one week). Boxing aggravates it but hitting people is so much fun that I can’t stop. If I could, I would be hitting people randomly on the streets. But hitting is wrong so I don’t do it. (see I have a moral compass) However, if you see me passing you on the street? I’m probably thinking about hitting things. Or knitting things. And now I sound all horribly violent and all. I’m not. Really.

Okay, I think I will stop now because I’m tired which means I’m babbling and rambling and I should be knitting or sleeping or reading or something productive. Hmmm…cleaning? Naaaaaaahh


6 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories

  1. Okay, so how did you add those and make it look right?? If you remember, I used to have those types of categories on my blogger site, but just couldn’t get it right over here. Is the template you are using, or did you have to really work to get it to work for you??

  2. Okay, bear with me, it was 4 am when I wrote that last comment. I tried again to add a “current projects” area and it worked. The reason it didn’t work before was the template that I used to have. And if I am not making sense now, it is because it is now 4:30 am.

  3. I am using the text boxes availble under the presentation button. BUT, if you scroll down to the bottom of my page, you will see that it bumps evertything over underneath it. If I put it at the top, it bumps everthing in my side column over.

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