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oh man

I don’t know. Do I want a colon cleansing? Maybe I do. Ugh. I had 37 spam comments in my filter today. The colon one just amused me the most. I wonder if anyone just responds and says, “Yes. Now that you mention it I think I do want a colon cleansing. I knew something was missing from my life. Thank you! Thank you!” Somehow I doubt it.

I had my first boxing class of the semester and I am unbelievably sore. Which means I will need to take it easy with the knitting. I have knitting group on Saturday and while 5 hours of stitching and kvetching (because I don’t want copyright infringement!) is so much fun, I’m concerned how hard it will hit my wrist. So I think I will leave the Dr. Who scarf fringe or tassels or whatever you want to call them, for then. It will be much easier to have an alternative to knitting.


Because I’m a dork

I’ve seen cafepress for years and always wanted a store but had no idea what to do. Well that has now changed. I have a knitting store! No, it’s not knitted pieces but knitting inspired tchatchkes. If you feel so inclinded, check it out!

The Kis*Knit Store!

To Dream the Impossible Dream

I believe I mentioned how I would love to own a yarn store. It’s been a dream of mine for the past six months or so. If not own a yarn store then just work in one. (And not a JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, A.C. Moore, or other chain. Although A.C. Moore does have nice yarn.) I want to own or work in a little local yarn shop. Sometimes it’s all I can think about.

There is this little historical home for rent. It would be perfect for a yarn shop. Every time the Husband and I drive by I look at it and think about what I would do. One day the Husband commented, “You know, you are right. That would make the perfect yarn shop. You can put in a parking lot there.”

It’s fun to dream about a yarn shop, although it may be a bit cliche. Haven’t all of you thought about owning/working in a yarn shop?

The thing is, I’m not a risk taker. I have a good job with good pay and excellent benefits that I like. I would be giving up a lot if I went for the yarn dream, but still the dream persists. Retail is a lot of work for little pay and a lot of aggravation. Do I give up security and stability for a dream that could fail or a job in a shop at minimum wage (if there were any positions open)? Or do I just keep dreaming?

I think I’ll keep dreaming for now. What would you do?

At least I didn’t plotz!

Work has been busy busy busy. Like, my head may explode busy. Or am I the only person that feels that way? Then I would come home to work on the kitchen. Painting mostly, but trying to get the kitchen more presentable for guests this past Saturday for Rosh Hashana. One night I stayed up until 10 doing work. Then on Friday and Saturday, we finished up projects, cleaned like mad, and I cooked. Needless to say, knitting had been lacking.

On Friday I began chemo cap. I only had a few spare moments to work on it until Sunday, where I sat for a couple hours and finished it. To which I thank the craft gods because if I didn’t get something done I think the weekend would have felt like a failure. If that makes sense. It wouldn’t have mattered that my house is actually clean (which I do believe is a sign of the Apocalypse) or that we served a very excellent meal or that there is some molding up in the kitchen. Oh, no that’s nothing. But knitting a hat means I did something. Yes, I have issues. And yes, I have a warped sense of accomplishment.

Of course if you look to the right of the screen. In the “Post Production” listing you will see that the Dr. Who scarf is blocking. That’s right. I wove in 32 ends on Sunday and the darn thing is almost done! See that lump over there? That would be the huge weight that was lifted. Once the scarf is dry, I just need to add the fringe or tassels or whatever you want to call them. Then it just needs to get to it’s owner which may prove difficult, but I don’t care. It’s almost done. Of course, it is lying in the middle of my livingroom — the only spot in the house to adequately hold the length of the scarf. Which means that while it’s blocking in a high-traffic area someone will bleed on it or ink will spill or a drink will go flying. So cross your fingers and send good vibes to the poor scarf to help it survive the next 24 hours.

An Anniversary of Sorts

Two years ago this month I taught myself to knit. Okay, that’s not exactly true…

When I was maybe 7, my mom taught me to knit. Or at least someone taught me to knit and I’d like to think it was my mom. All I remember is trying to knit a horrendous pink something out of an old pink easter basket. I have nightmares just thinking about it.

I didn’t like knitting. I would start with 20 stitches. Then have 22 only to go down to 18 and so on. It was frustrating and I was a busy 7 year-old with things to do, people to see. Worlds to conquer.

So I filed knitting under ‘S’ for stupid and went on my way. Until, that is, I went on my very first plane trip two years ago. (Yes, I was 28. Yes, it’s somewhat sad my first time on a plane was when I was 28. Sometimes life is sad.)

Two years ago in late August, the Husband and I went on our first “big” vacation across the Atlantic to Ireland.

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Mamma needs a new pair of sleeves!

The wedding was lovely and the drive to Cooperstown was amazing. Makes me almost miss living in central New York. Almost. My friends looked in love and happy and that’s all you need at a wedding.

The beauty of the drive competed with finishing the sleeves, but they are done. I finished knitting them on Sunday and bound off today.

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Photographs and Memories

Okay, so I’m not sure on the title, it’s just an old song bouncing around in my head. I’ve made some small changes around here in Kis*Knit land. If you notice on the right side of my page down a bit, keep going…under the categories…yup, there, I have added the various projects I’m working on or am planning on working on. And by planning on working on, I mean I have the yarn or I’m making it in the next couple months. This isn’t my wish list of things to come because I don’t think there is enough space on the Internet for what I eventually want to make. It’s sad really.

If you look closely, you’ll see that I have a Dr. Who scarf in post-production and it only has 48 ends to weave in. Considering I’ve barely looked at the poor guy, that’s not that bad. I just need to make a concerted effort to get it done and out the door before winter. The problem is I don’t wanna! *pout* Okay, I’m over that. I’m going to set a goal that that scarf needs to be blocking by the end of September. Maybe October. But October by the latest.

I’ve been getting a little bit done here and there. Sometimes a bit less here and there. I’ve been doing a lot of computer-based work (since I’m a programmer and all) so my wrists have been feeling very tired. Especially the dreaded right wrist. And boxing starts in 2 weeks so the wrist will be very temperamental for a while which means smaller doses of knitting. I think if the doctor said I had to give something up to save my wrist, it would definitely be work.

For those who didn’t know me last year I hurt my wrist in a boxing class (it’s an aerobics class but we actually pair off and hit pads while wearing gloves). I was in a brace for 8 weeks and I think I only was able to stop wearing the brace because I stopped knitting for the last 2 weeks (okay, probably more like one week). Boxing aggravates it but hitting people is so much fun that I can’t stop. If I could, I would be hitting people randomly on the streets. But hitting is wrong so I don’t do it. (see I have a moral compass) However, if you see me passing you on the street? I’m probably thinking about hitting things. Or knitting things. And now I sound all horribly violent and all. I’m not. Really.

Okay, I think I will stop now because I’m tired which means I’m babbling and rambling and I should be knitting or sleeping or reading or something productive. Hmmm…cleaning? Naaaaaaahh