FO: Crochet NJ Potholder

Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Sugar & Cream in cream and Butterfly Mercanized Cottom in brown
Needles: k hook

So I had leftover yarn and made a potholder. It’s not perfect (if you look on the right edge, there’s a bit of a bulge. Yes, my potholder has a “package” or a butt, either one). But it’s my first and I like it. I have enough yarn to make a second so at some point it will be made.

I worked on this in one afternoon during our NJ trip. I’m amazed that it worked up so quickly!

Because we weren’t home, I didn’t have an actually potholder to compare to so it’s a bit huge. But huge can be good. Hopefully huge means I won’t burn myself too often. Then again, I am a klutz so who knows.


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