FO: Chemo Cap

Pattern: Shedir from Knitty’s Breast Cancer Awareness Issue
Yarn: Rowan Calmer
Needles: US8

This hat is my donation to Made By Hand and my gift to my mom.

The rest is behind the cut.

As all gifts that I give with the Husband, I have him pick out part. Usually I have him select the yarn but this time he chose the pattern. I wasn’t terribly keen on this one. It was my second choice and I really wanted to make the lacy hat. BUT I wanted the gift to be from both of us and couldn’t wait for him to be around to select yarn. So. I went with the pattern.

I wasn’t worried about making the pattern until about half-way through when I noticed it was extra-spicy at Knitty. Often we don’t realize how difficult something is until we look up and pay attention. Weird, huh? A good life lesson I guess.
Anyway, it was my first attempt at a chart and after a false start (Not that I’m embarrassed that I read it from left to right instead of right to left. Really. Not embarrassed at all) I went right along without too much issue.

The pattern is beautiful and very well written. If this is the normal style of pattern from Girl From Auntie, then I would recommend checking out all her patterns.

On this hat, I decided to go with the recommended yarn, Rowan Calmer, and I am so glad I did. I can’t tell you if it will pill later on, but it was a dream to work with. Soft, heavenly, and fabulous. I think I need to make a cardigan or somthing out of it at some point.

As I said, this hat is for my mom and will be donated to a local cancer center through my knitting group’s Made by Hand project. (check out the link above if you care). I just hope it’s practical for someone undergoing chemo AND that they find it comfortable. And maybe that they like it. That would be nice.


12 thoughts on “FO: Chemo Cap

  1. It is beautiful. Just beautiful. It would probably make me cry to receive such a beautiful hat at such an overwhelming time. You have set the bar high for the rest of us.

  2. Beautiful!

    Yours is the second finished one I’ve seen in the last few days and it’s really making me want to make this. It’s such a beautiful hat, and I love the color you used for it.

  3. Kristina – Sorry your comment didn’t post until now, the spam blocker thought it was spam for some unknown reason. But, thank you! That means a lot.

  4. i came your way via the “Fastest Growing blogs” links on my dashboard. i saw a link was knit-related and clicked through.

    beautiful hat and great blog…i’ll visit again soon! :)

  5. BlackRayne — I say do it! It’s a well-written pattern and such a nice hat.

    Susan — Thanks! I think the photography helps make the cables look cleaner. They get a bit wonkey in a couple places.

  6. crankygrrrrrl — I’ve been on that list before (I have occasionally freakishly huge days followed by two visitors so it skews things) so you may have found me that way.

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  8. Beautiful hat but the pattern was not on this page and I could not bring it up how do I get the pattern?

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