Archive | August 28, 2006

A Post with No Name

I have more yarn than god. Some of you are laughing because you understand. The rest are laughing because god doesn’t have yarn. He/She is all powerful and all knowing. He/She IS yarn. In that case I have more yarn than god is made of. I should have taken pictures as I cleaned out my yarn bin, but I didn’t. I’m not going to do it now.

My yarn bin is a beautiful wooden magazine basket my in-laws bought for the Husband’s birthday one year. He promptly put my yarn inside and it looks very pretty that way. We agreed that I would only buy yarn when there was room in the basket for said yarn. I figured there was no way I would buy more yarn than that. No way! Buying yarn you don’t need was impractical.

Yeah, I think I was naive too.

So I now have a huge plastic storage bin filled completely with yarn and the wooden basket of yarn in my livingroom. The bin wouldn’t be so full if I didn’t receive FREE yarn this weekend. That’s right. Free. Yarn. Go ahead, hate me. I know you want to. Don’t hate me too much. It’s Red Heart. So just hate me a little.

The Husband’s grandfather has a friend. This friend used to knit and crochet. She saw me crochet and gave me all her old yarn. She also decided I needed to have one of the afgans she made so at some point, I’m getting an afgan. A very sweet lady. I also was given my grandmother-in-law’s old needles and crochet hooks. Most are older needles or a style I’ve never seen before, like flexible needles. So all very cool.

I do have a couple finished projects to post and I will get to it shortly. I just need to get a few things done around here first.