Archive | August 25, 2006

Do I look like a hooker?

I returned home from crochet class knowing three stitches. It’s odd to me that a single stitch in crochet entails about 27 steps. You push through a stitch, wrap the yarn again, pull out the first stitch, wrap again, pull through the last two loops on the hook and then, finally, finish it off with a chain stitch. Yeesh! But I kind of liked crochet.

The teacher was very good and having B. try to teach me over the weekend helped immensely. I didn’t fully understand what B. was talking about on Saturday and the class really made it click. I’ve put photos of my swatches under the cut!

This weekend the Husband and I will travel to New Jersey to keep his grandfather company while most of the family is at a function on the other side of the country. I personally, am not fond of Jersey. It’s not because a lot of the Husband’s family is there but more because of how the roads work and the atmosphere. Oy! The atmosphere. Sheesh. I won’t get into more than that because family knows this exists and I don’t want to inadvertently offend anyone. So, moving on.

I’ll be bringing some knitting on the trip so hopefully I’ll make a good amount of progress. At least, I really hope so. I need to get some projects off the list before I add even more. And I think I’ll stop there because I’ll start whining and I’ve done that before and it gets old after a while. So since I’ll be away this weekend, you’ll not get much from me. I KNOW you are so disappointed.

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