Archive | August 23, 2006

Hi! My name is Kis*Knit and I have a problem.

So, um I just bought more yarn. I think I need a 12 step program. I ordered some yarn for gifts through (Once I get the yarn I’ll give a full review of the company but so far, so good.) I must stop buying yarn. Must stop. Seriously.  I think I need to just settle for molesting the yarn.

Tomorrow night I have a beginner crochet class at Michaels so we’ll see if I can get the hang of the fiendish deed. My friend B. stopped by over the weekend and started teaching me. I sort of got it but it’s still far far far from my complete grasp. I keep reaching and snagging a bit but then I pull too hard and my grip is too soft. Still, now I get the chain and holding the yarn similar to continental knitting is not as weird as it was. Of course, this means I now have no excuse not to bare down and knit a whole project with continental knitting.  Which I will do. Soon. I swear. Maybe as soon as I break my yarn addiction.