I went with the Sister and B to the Cerulean Llama closing sale and spent waaaaaaay more than I should. But most of the yarn was not mine. I swear! I came home feeling a little bad since I did go over the agreed limit. The Husband said, and I quote, “well that was really a guideline anyway.” I do love that man. Of course next time if I go over by like $500, I think he’ll have something else to say. P0rn behind the cut!

First, some Rowan Cashsoft Aran I picked up to make Tubey. Two bags with way more yarn than I need, but I’ve been having bad luck with getting enough yarn lately that it was a moral imperative that I buy all 20 skeins. Really. It was. HUGE moral imperative.

Rowan Cashsoft is so yummy feeling, I had to get two skeins with which to make a Chemo Cap. Assuming I get to more than one since I have one on the needles at the moment. Otherwise, I know I will get use out of it. Plus, it’s soooooo soft…..

And lastly Berroco Plush that may or may not be for me. My mother-in-law sent me on a quest for yarn. Sort of. Okay, she’s looking for a Berroco-brand yarn for her chemo cap donation and I said I would pick it up at the sale. But then they had the plush which feels like a kitty cat or like chocolate tastes, that I thought I would get some so she could compare and decide. And then of course, I had to get two different colors just in case. And I will be glad to use the other two for a chemo hat, assuming I have time. Or all of them if necessary. I think I’m now trying to make like 5 dang hats in a month and I’m really crazy and I’m starting to feel really bad for the Husband. And I think I just need to go to bed now. *sigh*


3 thoughts on “P0RN!!!

  1. Yarn purchase guilt … a feeling I know so well. Your husband does sound dear to have taken it so in stride. For the past twenty years I only had myself to feel the guilt with. Now that I’m married again I’ll have to see what it feels like when it finally happens.

    Meanwhile, your purchases look wonderful. The two balls of Rowan made me want to reach in my monitor and have a squeeze.


  2. Er… if you end up with no use for the Berocco Plush, I may be willing to buy one of those colors off of you. Unless the sale is still going when I come back from vacation. IN which case I might buy stuff then. But I can’t go until I get paid again I think.

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