The ends will kill me

I really need to take some pictures of the projects I’m working on. But alas, I’m lazy.

I’ve officially bound off on the doctor who scarf! There is a god! Unfortunately that god is fickle because I still have 74 ends to weave in. Yes, 74. And I spent some time already weaving in about 1/4 of the scarf’s ends while knitting it. I may go crazy weaving in all those ends. And if I go crazy I’m either going to run around in a bikini and tu-tu singing “Eye of the Tiger” while throwing skeins of yarn at little old ladies. OR, I’ll just start stabbing people with my needles. It could go either way. BUT, with the advent of complete cast off, I’m that much closer to being done done done!

And I am making progress on the Husband’s sweater. I’m almost through the stripe. Once I finish the stripe, I’m going to start a hat. I’m thinking of making a hat like this for one of my chemo caps but with fringe instead of ties. But I’m wondering if that style would be wanted. Maybe for a kid. Something to mull over….I hate making decisions.

Tomorrow I’m taking the Sister and a friend to the Cerulean Llama for their closing sale. I need to find some yarn for holiday projects and if it’s at 25% off or so, what better way to get it. Of course, I am starting to run out of yarn space in my house. I wonder if I can convince the Husband to add on for my yarn stash.

5 thoughts on “The ends will kill me

  1. I checked out the hat you linked to, that’s a nice one. I want to knit an ear flap with reindeer design wool hat for myself for this winter … a classic old fashioned design. Searching for the right pattern.

    Good luck with those ends.


  2. That hat makes me almost want to wear hats.

    Or maybe make one to send to mshades.

    I’m *positive* there are teenagers out there who would go for that, if not adults. Or were you just talking style and not pattern? (Me, I like the ankhs)

  3. Hey, how long did that Dr. Who scarf come out to be?

    Back in the day, I knitted six feet of one in a sort-of “test your sanity” community project, but the finished product measured almost 3 feet shorter than it should have.

  4. secretmojo, I haven’t measured the scarf yet, but it’s 11-12 feet long at the moment. Once I block it (wet it and then pin it stretched on the floor) I’m hoping to get it to 12-13 feet. When it’s finished I’ll try to remember to measure.

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