Hypocrite much?

Back on August 3, I wrote an entry stating that I was not going to start any more knitting projects until I finished what I’m working on right now–the Dr. Who scarf, the Husband’s sweater, and my sweater. Yeah, I lied. I need a twelve-step program.

My knitting group started a project, “Made by Hand.” And we are making and then donating hats for chemo patients. We have a site and everything. My goal is to make 3 or 4 hats because I’m an idiot. I should only make one, but again, I have a knitting problem. But it’s for a good cause! Really! At least we’re not keeping it the knitting group so there’s less pressure to make a lot of hats. *sigh* I do need help.


3 thoughts on “Hypocrite much?

  1. I’ve already made a hat. And am two inches into hat #2. I had to prototype the first crocheted hat yesterday to make sure I remembered how to crochet before I get on the plane next Saturday. Now I’m knitting, since I won’t do that on the plane (silly rules).

    I adore you for suggesting this because this is the simplest to carry project I’ve got!! And it feels good to do it.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t know crochet so I will be doing the slower knitting. But I’m going to try to do some on the knitting machine. We’ll see how well that goes. Either way, 1 hat is better than none :)

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