Knitty Surprise?

I know I’m scaring all of you with two posts in one day. The horror! But it looks like the Knitty surprise is up. And I thought I would give up my opinion. Rare, I know.

So first, check out the lone surprise pattern.

I don’t care. Done. There’s my review.

Okay, let me add to that. I’m not a sock knitter. I haven’t really been interested and have no plans to start. I should rephrase that. Right now I have no interest but the Husband wants me to make him camping/hiking socks so I may start making socks. Someday. And when I do make them, I may actually enjoy knitting socks. Who knows? It’s possible. Humans did learn to fly after all. So I may care about the pattern someday and not just because the Husband has gigantic man feet, but because it really is useful. It’s a great idea to have a generic sock pattern where I can plug in my gauge and measurements and *poof* there’s my pattern. But I don’t knit socks right now, so I’m a tad disappointed that an issue filled mostly with socks, couldn’t include a surprise that wasn’t sock related.


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