Another one bites the dust.

I don’t like to talk about my location. Some of it is a fear that I have a stalker and he/she will figure out where I am and kill me, some of it is comfort in anonymity, and some is protection from some designer whose pattern I snarked coming to hunt me down and open up a can of whoopass. As a side note, did you know you could buy a Whoop Ass energy drink? If you click the link, scroll to the bottom of that page, I’ll wait. So because I protect my identity, I’m going to be vague about the location of the yarn shop. Sorry. But if you really want to know details related to this entry, email me at (or my regular email address for those who know me live and in person) and tell me why you are not going to kill me and why I should give you details. That way, at least you have to put forth an effort.

There is a yarn store south of where I live. For today’s purpose, I’ll call it the “Cerulean Llama.” Anyway, the store is closing after 3 1/2 years of being. It’s not my favorite store in the area, but it is a very good store. In her email, the owner said all three of her staff members are leaving due to life changes (not because of the store, she swears!) and it made her think about her life. Her love of knitting is not enough to offset working 50-60 hours a week with minimal pay. Therefore, her reassement of life does not include running a store anymore.

This announcement makes me think. I would love to own a yarn store some day, or some other business like a bakery or something, but being a small business owner is excruciatingly hard work with really little reward. Is owning a store something that I still want to do? When I dream, it’s of a successful yarn store where I can knit on and off all day and people just come and buy yarn and love me and worship the ground on which I walk. Of course on all levels that are not run by my inner toddler, I know that it’s not that easy, that running a yarn store is hard because there is not much money to be made and online sales are a huge competitor. Plus there is the general upkeep to consider and so many other things. But, hearing the Cerulean Llama closing not because of a lack of business (supposedly) but because of exhaustion, really, it makes the whole idea of a yarn store (or any store) a bad one in my mind. And I find that sad.

On the upside, they will be selling discount yarn starting August 15. Oh, and anyone interested, shelving and other such accoutremants will be up for sale.


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust.

  1. It is sad to hear that a yarn store is closing. Although, I must argue her point a litttle bit … if it weren’t for a lack of business she would not be having to work that many hours for minimal pay methinks. Not to criticize her, just to make that point.

    I also have dreamed of owning a yarn store or some kind of store where my family and I could sell the many things we create. And, with a giant workshop behind it where we could make the things we make.

    It is a beautiful dream, but one I am not likely to ever move on because there are some other dreams ahead of it.

    I loved this blog of yours today. Very funny, but also touching and arousing pleasant and important thoughts.

    Nicely done!


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