My weekend

I’ve been off from work since Friday. Tomorrow I go back. The original idea was to stay home and knit and read and sew and just generally do stuff for me to celebrate my decent into old age. But the Husband was able to take the time off as well, so there was less knitting, no sewing, and some reading.

I did get the Doctor Who Scarf up to casting off. Before I do so, I want to review each color block to make sure I didn’t forget anything. So that project just has ends to weave in, so many ends. Then fringe and blocking. The big question is blocking. Where in my home can I block 13 feet of scarf without it getting in the way and without the paratrooping mice peeing on it or anything.

I also made it up to the sleeve stripe in the Anniversary sweater. I’m almost done with the little hellion. And hopefully I’ll finish it before this winter. Hopefully.

And last, I finished the scarf I made on my knitting machine. Well finished is a loose term. It’s knit and seamed, but it still needs ends woven in and fringe. I’ll get the reveiw up this week with pictures of the finished project. So it’s incentive. Right now I need incentive. And I need to figure out to whom the scarf will go.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m dying to get through these last few projects so I can start on the scarf with the alpaca I bought this weekend. And I still want to make Odessa. I have the yarn and everything. I just need to begin doing it. All in good time. Ever notice that when you started knitting, you just seemed to lose time? There is just not enough to do all the knitting I want, work a job, and clean and cook and all that.


2 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. It is true about the time thing. There needs to be a special invention for knitters specifically that allows us to add a few hours to each day just for knitting.

    About blocking: I don’t block anything I knit. Maybe that’s bad, I don’t know. But I never could get myself into the blocking thing, so I just don’t do it.

    Does your scarf absolutely need blocking?


  2. firefly8868 (great name by the way): Nothing wrong with not blocking. I tend to block because I find it kind of fun, like winding my hanks by hand and I like how it changes the garment. But this scarf does need blocking. I need to pull out a few more inches in length.

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