Knitting Gifts!

Happy Birthday to me! I’m 30. Yes, I’m old. Yes, I’m cranky. BUT, I have knitting bootie! I’m going to put this behind a cut so it’s not so image heavy. LJ users, it seems like the XML doesn’t include the cut so you may have to click into here.

First, The Ultimate Sweater Machine. I know I need to do a reveiw of this, and I’m working on it. Here’s a picture of it at least.

Next, a mystery, “Knit One, Kill Two,” with a knitting pattern in it.

Knit One, Kill Two also came with a gift certificate to my LYS (local yarn store) with which I bought this (it’s so soft, it feels like cat hair):

Then, my good friends, Caulay and AHF, shipped a “A History of Hand Knitting” from my Amazon Wish list.

And another very good set of friends gave me this basket of yarn, needles, and a gift certificate to the LYS. I have yet to spend this gift certificate. I couldn’t find a yarn that I liked for a future project. I’m still in shock.

Then, while this is not a gift per sae, it is birthday related. The Husband and I went to a used bookstore and I found a pattern book from the 50s. So cool. I’ve decided this is a gift from the Husband even if he doesn’t know it (although, since he reads this he knows now) because he didn’t say no while beating me with books and generally wrestling it out of my cold dead hands. And that is what he would have needed to do to prevent me from buying it. Got it, the Husband?


2 thoughts on “Knitting Gifts!

  1. Happy birthday! My birthday is tomorrow (the 8th). One comment though, 30 is hardly old. I realized when I turned 39 that things were just starting to get really good. I’m in my 40’s now and have spoke with quite a lot of ladies also in 40’s – late 40’s at that – and all agree that life really started getting good after 40 because you’ve lived enough to know the stuff you thought you knew (or some of it) when you were younger. You’re still a kitten, even if you don’t think of yourself that way.

    Enjoy every breath and every day of the next few years, watch and try to absorb as much of it as you can knowing that in 10 years things are going to get really interesting and you’ll start having a real sense of fulfillment coming down the road.

    Happy birthday again, and enjoy all your new goodies.


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