Magknits Revisited and the ADD Knitter

First, I received a comment from the creator of the Magknit’s Chance pattern PixelDiva letting us know that the worms are part of the yarn. And right now I love her! She may not love me after my comment about her arm warmers, but that’s okay. I send my love her way anyway. But I love the fact that she took the time to let me know that the worms are part of the yarn. Which is so cool and gives me a new insight on the pattern. And I think I like the pattern more. So yay! PixelDiva. (Who now probably wants to shoot me, but she has to wait in line. I bug lots and lots of people every day.)

So what I have I learned? Photos are a wee bit misleading and take a look at the pattern. Plus, I’m a bit Judgemental but I do appreciate the correction. To a point. Don’t make me put this needle in your eye. *ahem*

Right now I’m working on three projects–Anniversary for the Husband, a Dr. Who Scarf (of which I have 6 rows left), and a cardigan of my own devising (which will probably turn out scary bad, but that’s okay). And I’m contemplating so many other patterns that I need to finish for winter–hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, etc. I prefer to have two projects going at once. One more complex one and one simpler one that I can take to the mall (what?) or the movies or whatever. But over the last year I’ve had as much as four or five patterns at once and it’s driving me nuts! I need Ritalin or something.

So I’ve decided, and I’m saying it right here, right now. I am not to start any projects UNTIL I have completely finished the Dr. Who scarf, finished or am finishing Anniversary, and finished the cardigan. Then and only then can I start a new project. Unless I need something to knit in line at the movie theater. Then I can start a simple project, but it can only be done at the movies. Or in a car. Or in a day that ends in y.

*sigh* I think I need therapy….


One thought on “Magknits Revisited and the ADD Knitter

  1. Her comment was quite succinct. I think part of the problem with that pattern is the picture. I have to admit I didn’t give it much more than a glance. It just doesn’t show the arm warmers very well. And not many of us have the time/interest to read the details of a pattern that doesn’t catch our initial interest. But hey, at least you know people are reading your blog…

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