Yet another review: Magknits August 06

Oh Magknits, Magknits, Magknits. What where you thinking? Here’s hoping September is better.

And as a side note, this is all MY opinion. If you like something that I think is a pile of vomit that needs to be burned and it’s ashes scattered so it doesn’t come back to life, then that’s okay. Differences of opinion is what makes the world go ’round. And I’m sure that you hate something I think is absolutely adorable. And, if you are one of the designers, I apologise. I’m a bitch and opinionated. I do appreciate the amount of work you put into your design, I just don’t like it.

I’m also not reading the patterns too closely and focusing on the images. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Individual reviews are behind the cut.

Chunky, Funky Cable Bag
Ugh. Maybe it’s the mediocre photography but I can’t see any good detail. I mean, there are cables for crying out loud, but I can’t see them. Of course it could be the yarn choice obscuring the texture. Just, no. Burn it and bury it.

The hot water bottle idea is cool. The basic pattern looks good and is very useful. The face in the picture is not to my taste, but it doesn’t need to be there.

Flower Corsage
The picture with the girl makes the flower corsage is very cute and the piece looks like fun. But the large picture at the bottom of the picture makes the flowers look like ears were cut off, covered in yarn, and attached. So I’m not sure what I think of this.

Snowbaby Hat
I really don’t like this. It looks amateurish. And the stitch pattern looks odd to me.

Special Socks
The blue ones look cute, the pink looks to be the wrong yarn choice. What’s with all the chunky or weird yarns in this issue.

Oh, hell no. I’m assuming the little worms are optional and I don’t see them listed in the pattern. Without the worms, I’d say something. But, I’m just…the worms…I can’t…


4 thoughts on “Yet another review: Magknits August 06

  1. This was one of the weirdest/yuckiest issues. I had to try hard to like something. I know you don’t like the chunky funky bag (and I don’t for myself) but I think a kid might. Maybe. Maybe??

  2. Indeed, I saw the Yarn for Chance when PixelDiva first got it…

    With all the Slubs and Sequins spun into the yarn, it just cried out to be a “Funky Flame Boi” toy, as we passed it around the table.

    But no, Kerrie Commisioned (boring?) Wristwarmers. So, a pattern for (Funky!) Wristwarmers Kerrie got.

    The pattern is a good one though, I tried them on Last night at AngelKnits, and they have very good fit and enough stretch for comfort.

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