Archive | August 1, 2006

Review: The AntiCraft Lughnasadh 2006 issue

Wow, I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately. Sorry. I just haven’t had much else to say and a lot seems to be going on in the knitting world for review. But since I really don’t get many comments and therefore, must not have many readers, it’s all just for my amusement anyway. And my imaginary audience.

So The AntiCraft’s Lughnasadh issue. How is that pronounced? Whatever. I’m not to keen on the knit pieces in this one. While I appreciate the humor of a penis cozy, I don’t need to have a penis cozy pattern and a bomb cozy pattern in the same issue. Because, really it’s the same damn thing. Add to that the knit graffiti pattern that covers a pole and you have quite the repetitive issue.

As last time, I will list out all projects (even the non-knitting ones) and add my two cents.

(Edited to add: Anna rocks! She commented with how to pronounce Lughnasadh. She wins Karma for a year!)
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