The AntiCraft: Beltain 2006 Issue Review

The Beltain issue of The AntiCraft came out a few months ago, but I wandered in today and felt that D. would be amused to be pointed to the site. So this one is for her.

The AntiCraft is a goth-based crafting site. It contains some knitting and other crafty endeavors–from cooking to fun with duct tape. The site is very Goth and contains a pretentious mix of affected goth stereotypes and strong writing that often grates on my nerves. And that’s not to say it is a bad thing. Just that when I read it, it reads as forced and stereotypical. Of course, I’ve never actually met more than perky goths so my opinion may be skewed. But I do kind of like their difficulty levels (“Box of Rocks” ; “Do You Want Fries With That?” ; “Rrrrgh . . . . Brains . . . .” ; “MoonPrincess RavenDark” ; etc.).

Anyway, the crafty pieces are all very interesting and some actually are good enough to make. I popped out everything in the Beltain issue below with my thoughts. Feel free to comment with your thoughts.

A Maiden’s Glory
Okay, first this is crochet. I don’t crochet. Yet. Someday. But this pattern is so interesting to me that it makes me want to learn.

Beltane Flame
So cute! Okay, first I think most horrific Halloween decorations (like severed heads) are cute, so there’s your baseline. I love this pattern. It’s a Fair Isle hat with Ankhs and some other visuals. I’d either make this hat for my friend in Japan or make a bag using the color pattern.

Life and Death
Not knitting. Crafty coffin backpack. I’d be interested to see if anyone made this as their knitting bag.

On Asparagus
Cooking with asparagus. Yum. Some interesting asparagus info AND the recipes look good to make. Now, if only I had a kitchen to cook in…

Henry VIII’s Wedding Gift
Jewelry making at it’s finest. Very, very pretty. I bet we could come up with a way to knit this…

Green Woman
Overall? It’s fugly. Sorry, but it is. Something about how it poofs in places. But, there are some really interesting pieces to it, like the edging on the bottom. Maybe if it didn’t have the shaping of a potato sack, I’d like it more.

I Am Doll Parts
I. Love. This. So not knitting, but dead doll parts as plant decorations and pots. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.


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