New Knitty and New Magknits

So the new Knitty and Magknits both came out at the beginning of the month. Because I’m vaugly narcissistic I assume you want my thoughts on the topic.

I’m not fond of the new Knitty. This issue is filled with socks, hats, and other small items. While the patterns are nice, they just don’t thrill me. I’m not a sock knitter as of yet so the eight feet-based patterns are not interesting. Although I do admit being intrigued by the Japanese-style split toe sock pattern. The rest are cute, but nothing exciting.

Magknits is often hit or miss for me. Many times the patterns feel substandard or not quite as good as they can be. Other times the patterns are ingenious or have an amazing fit. This month’s Magknits is a hit for me. I like so many of the patterns and may want to make one or two someday. (Think of someday with a bit of reverb and a bit of panache because someday is a very large concept when it comes to knitting projects.) The rest are so-so. They are a bit fugly or not my style, but the other patterns (like the ballet camisole) make up for it and even the fugly ones have some interesting concepts in there.


2 thoughts on “New Knitty and New Magknits

  1. Please keep reviewing the issues when they come out! Then lazy people like me who forget when these things happen can go look too. *grins*

    And ohhhh that ballet camisole is really really cute. I should bookmark that for when my kidlet’s older (since *I* will never have the body shape to wear it!).

  2. I am SO glad that you didn’t like the Knitty. I didn’t mention it yesterday when you asked me if I had seen it, because I didn’t want to offend if you loved it. I DO knit socks, and I still wasn’t interested. Sometimes Knitty can be downright weird. But I think that about a lot of patterns in the paper mags as well. Maybe I’m the weird one.

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