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URL: Lorien

When starting the Dr. Who scarf, I was looking for Brown Sheep Nature Spun at a really low price. After all, I needed 16 skeins and with the price at $3.50, that would be a hefty price. So on a whim I ordered from Lorien. Their yarn was cheaper by far. I thought, what the hell. It’s only a lot of money. Let’s see what I get. And I got amazing service, great yarn, and two free pens. They didn’t have all the yarn I needed and emailed me within 24 hours to see if another color would work or if I wanted to wait while they ordered more. Then only a few weeks later, I received my yarn (and two free pens). It was in excellent condition.

I’ve done an additional order from them and in a week I had exactly what I ordered on my doorstep (and 2 more free pens) plus a credit on my account.

Now as you can tell, I’m pretty much sold on them and plan on using them again. Fast, friendly, and reliable. And I’m addicted to pens so it works!


4 thoughts on “Review: Lorien

  1. What are their shippings costs? I couldn’t find that on their website. (I was looking at 3:30 in the morning, so bear with me if it is actually there for everyone to see)

  2. Depends on the shipment. I think it appears when something is in your basket. Or something. I ordered something under $20 and shipping was $4. When I received the shipment there was a note from the owner stating that it automatically adds $4 but that it doesn’t take that much to ship so I have $2 credit.

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