Yarn? I don’t need no stinking yarn!

Call it Karma or call it just dumb luck, but I’ve been having yarn issues. I keep. running. out. of yarn! Gah! I started a felted bag. Someone may remember me picking up the yarn ages ago in purple and silver. Well I finally started the bag memorial day weekend. I was going on a trip and was concerned about brining my other projects and thought I would bring the bag. If it fell off the boat we were possibly riding, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Now the Doctor Who scarf on the other hand….

So I brought it and finished the base in no time. I brought it with me to Jersey and ran out of yarn. I had already bought an extra skein the week before just in case. But NO. My plans for the bag were greater than the quantity of yarn I had. So I bought more silver and another purple. Here’s hoping I have enough. Of course, it turns out the silver has been discontinued. So if I run out I may have a problem…

Then The Husband’s sweater. I’m not sure I have enough yarn to finish the sleeves. I made the torso a bit longer for his taste so it will be close. I *think* I have enough but I’m worried. There’s a second color in the sweater so I might be able to just work it in somehow. *sigh*

I’m not sure I’m happy with Blogger yet for this home. I like the fact that I can edit the side nav. But I want to be able to tag or categorize each entry and then, in the nav, link to a page that will list out all the items in that category. Kind of like Live Journal. Anyone have any thoughts? How did you do your blogger blog? Maybe I’m just hoping for the world. Maybe it’s just the programmer in me wanting to make it better, faster, stronger…


One thought on “Yarn? I don’t need no stinking yarn!

  1. I have pretty much the same issues with blogger as you. I SO want to be able to have categories or tags, and it has driven me crazy that I can’t. On the other hand, I don’t have the time or technical skills that you have, and it was easier for me to set blogger up the way I wanted than LiveJournal. If you find a better option, I may follow you over.
    ps. I do remember your yarn purchase… I can’t wait to see the bag, because I love the colors. I’m sure you could find the discontinued color somewhere online.

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