FO: A (Finally) Completed Via Diagonale

Pattern: Via Diagonale
Yarn: Kertzer’s Butterfly Super 10 mercerized cotton
Needles: US 6 (I think) circulars

The minute I saw Via Diagonale on Knitty, I knew I had to make that pattern and I knew my sister-in-law would love it. The piece uses Mosaic-style color work to carry the two colors throughout the piece and the i-cord edging at the top of the bag gives it a nice touch.

As I knit up the cotton, the bag began to flop. So much so, that I was afraid that any items in the bag would fall out if it were placed on the ground. And really what’s the point in having a bag if it falls around your wallet on the ground. I decided adding a heavy interfacing, while sacrificing some of the bumpiness in the pattern, would work well to keep the purse stand on it’s own. Unfortunately, I used a interfacing a bit too stiff but it worked well. I only had to add a clasp at the top to keep the bag closed with the new stiffness.

All in all, it’s a great pattern to work with, although it did take much longer to knit that I anticipated. And the whole process taught me that I really, really need to work on my sewing skills (especially since that’s where all the blatant mistakes reside).

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