FO: The Damn Blanket

Pattern: From Lion’s Brand learn to knit book
Yarn: Lion’s Brand Thick and Quick (I think)

The best gift my mom ever gave me was a blanket. Okay, so the second best gift after the gift of life. My mom was an on-again-off-again knitter. She would get a jones on for knitting and would make my dad a sweater. Then sister would get something, because she was oldest. And then I would get something. Or I would have, but by the time she reached me the jones would be gone and I would get nothing. (Although I did receive a Dr. Who scarf that she made years and years ago, but I ripped it in my high school locker).

I once joked with her that she never made me anything and then, I think it was the birthday after my dad died but it could have been the one after that, she gave me a blanket that she made. At the time she was suffering from shoulder pain, but she suffered through the pain and birthed a simple, but beautiful gray blanket. I wear it around the house often. The only problem with the blanket was that it’s a blanket for one. Great for reading, not too great for snuggling with the one I love.

Since I have started knitting, we decided that I would make a blanket. I wanted to try something that was not a scarf, and since we don’t have any nice blankets that work in the living room, I could make something that would fit two and look nice draped on the back of the couch. I found a pattern (my very first one) and began the project in December or January–stopping for a break to make a scarf for the Husband.

I ended up buying 19 skeins of yarn. Figure the were $5-6 each so that’s going to be a pretty expensive blanket when all is said and done. Plus the time it takes. Hours and hours of my life devoted to the point I want to throw the thing across the room. This week it was so heavy I couldn’t move the foot underneath to a better position without lifting the blanket first. Each time I had to shift the blanket I was afraid the weight of it would cause a yarn to tear and all that time and money would be gone. Then I thought, I’m never finishing this. I will be on the last row and then I’ll die.


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